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Please send a request if you would like to contact these organizations:

Oregon Casualty Adjusters Association

Puget Sound Adjusters Associations

Seattle Claims Adjusters Association

American Massage
Therapy Association
Oregon Chapter

Oregon Association for Alternatives in Education


Running a small organization includes managing a handful of tasks and can be very exhausting — so can hosting an event. Wouldn't it be nice if your organization had its own personal secretary or someone to coordinate a few of those tasks? Knowing there will be help on some of those projects might encourage more people to volunteer!

Answering letters, updating mailing lists, sending out membership renewal notices, receiving event registrations, soliciting for donations from sponsors, creating name badges and programs, typing recent bylaw changes... there are many things to do to keep an organization functioning, or to insure an event will be successful. In other words, your members are phenomenal for doing it all thus far, but now they don't have to.

Executive Assistant or Event Coordination services reduce the need for your organization to have an office, a desk, a phone or computer. It simply requires a budget that can afford a little extra each month to help out those who really are the backbone of the organization—the "do everything" kind of people. Because you know that when they burn out, they're gone for good — and you really want to keep them around!

Business Empowerment Network is a division of Alquemie Publishing and it provides the assistance needed to manage those day-to-day operational tasks or to meet committee goals. Services are provided on a contract basis and are negotiable. So send us an email and let us know what your needs are and we'll let you know how affordable it is to relieve a volunteer's burdens!

— Some services may require your organization to be located in the state of Oregon.





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