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We have been proud to assist the following associations:

Oregon Casualty Adjusters Association (OCAA)

Seattle Claims Adjusters Association (SCAA)

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
Oregon Chapter

Oregon Association for Alternatives in Education

Tacoma Claims Adjusters Association (TCAA)

Women's Commission on Alcohol & Drugs in Oregon (WCADIO)


Insurance Women of Portland (IWOP)

Oregon State Council of NAIW

Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon

Int'l Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) Oregon Chapter

Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Assoc. of Former Customs Special Agents (AFCSA)

Puget Sound Adjusters Association (PSAA)

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Established January 1994

Every project is a reflection of Alquemie Publishing. Our clients will receive nothing less than the highest standards we demand for ourselves.

Every client deserves, and will receive, the courtesy and personal attention that we expect to receive when we assume the role of client in the marketplace.

Alquemie Publishing attempts to meet the requirements of every budget when possible — offering a fair and reasonable price and a quality product. We believe in the words of Henry Ford, "If we use our skills and constructive imagination to see how much we can give for a dollar instead of how little, we are bound to succeed" — and so will you.

That is why we do not measure our success in dollars, it is measured by the compliments and referrals from satisfied clients.



Alquemie Publishing thanks the following vendors for supporting our commitment to offer fair and reasonable pricing to the nonprofit sector:

www.excelmailing.com - Direct Mail Services
www.fedex.com - Copy Centers




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