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Please send a request
if you would like to contact these organizations:

Oregon Casualty Adjusters Association

Seattle Claims Adjusters Association

American Massage Therapy Association
Oregon Chapter

Tacoma Claims Adjusters Association

Women's Commission on Alcohol/Drug Issues in Oregon (WCADIO)

Lean & Fit

OR State Association of Occupational Health Nurses (OSAOHN)

Oregon State Council of NAIW

Insurance Women of Portland

Int'l Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) Oregon Chapter

Assoc. of Former Customs Special Agents (AFCSA)

Puget Sound Adjusters Association (PSAA)




Not all newsletters are on the "net" these days; some people still enjoy holding a publication in their hands and filing it away for future reference.

Whether your organization is just starting a newsletter or has been publishing one for years, we can help with the process.

Working with a representative from your organization who provides us the materials, we do the layout, get it to the printer, and drop it in the mail for you. We can even provide you with a "web version" for posting on your website! It's all very simple and your volunteer editor will love it! Just ask some of our current clients, they'll confirm it!

To get you started, all you need do is send us an email with a few details about your publication, i.e. how many pages, how many you want printed, and how large your mailing list is. If we need more information after receiving your email we'll ask you for it. We'll also ask that you send us a copy of your current publication if there is one. Once we have your information, we provide you with a basic estimate, making every attempt to stay within your budget, so if you need to do a little negotiating don't hesitate, we'll try and work with you when we can. However, we do have a 4-page minimum.

Along with your newsletter project, we also provide list maintenance services (supply us with your membership database and we'll keep it updated for you and use it to mail your newsletter) and help coordinate your advertising if you use it to help offset the cost of your publication (we work directly with your advertisers meeting their needs as well as yours).

Whether your organization is an affiliate of a national organization, a small local association, or a hobby club, if your members don't have time for these types of projects anymore, we can help by providing consistency and quality at a very fair price.




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