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Women's Commission on Alcohol/Drug Issues in Oregon (WCADIO)

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So your organization wants to move into the current century with everyone else. Or perhaps a past board member was ahead of the game and has already set up a site, but no one has time to manage it today.

We can help design and develop a site for you and keep it updated regularly, or we can assist you with updating an already established site.

What is a good website? One that people go to often because the content is fresh and usable. What is the key to a good website? Keeping it updated regularly. Don't forget the first impressions of those potential members who might be thinking of joining your organization!

Alquemie Publishing can set you up with a domain name and a host for your site, then design and develop the look of the site. We rely on Websterz Design to implement the technical aspects and together we manage the maintenance and any technical issues that may arise. If you already have a site, we can maintain it and keep it in good order for you.

Here's a tip: if Alquemie Publishing is producing your newsletter, we already have the information we need to do the monthly updates! Otherwise, someone from your organization will need to provide us with things like your meeting announcements, list of officers and committee chairs, articles for posting, photos, and whatever else you want on the site. Here's tip #2: we go the extra mile with your volunteer to make sure we get the information we need to do the updates timely!

Our website development and maintenance services are on an annual contract basis and most services are negotiable.

For a quote, please send us an email with some ideas of what you would like to have on your site and we'll get back to you! Why don't we post our prices here for you to look at? Because every organization is different and we want to work within your budget requirements whenever we can.




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